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Readings & Reiki Services
Types and Cost of Services Listed Below

Psychic Mediums receive personal information about your life; people in your life such as family, friends and co-workers; past thought and behavior patterns; and present circumstances.  They may also connect to your loved ones in Spirit.  A Psychic Medium reading encompasses both parts of a reader’s abilities meaning readings can not be separated into the Psychic part and the Mediumship part.
By the end of your reading you may have insights about: 
Your relationships with the people in your life;
Your marriage or current relationship;
Suggested steps for particular life circumstances such as your career, your life’s purpose, or your goals; or

Suggested steps for breaking past patterns and moving forward with new patterns.

Please use the contact form on this page when requesting your desired service.  Please be as detailed as possible by including specifically what service you are seeking to schedule, your available days/dates/times, and what geographical area your are located in. 
Please also use this form to schedule readings at events such as Psychic Fairs, to inquire about reading parties, and to schedule Reiki sessions. 
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