A Blessing of Air

Card: A Blessing of Air (The Blessed Be Oracle)

Beautiful soul, may you be most blessed this day by the element of air. May your thoughts and words be in harmony with each other, and may they be inspired by trust in your ability to understand deeply, with the gifts of the mind, all that is within you, all that is without you.

May your gift of the mind be clear and open, and may worthy ideas bloom and be expressed with ease and grace in words and actions that are affinity with the highest of your ideals. May there be knowledge that is enriching, information that is trustworthy, words that are true in your world this day. Let memories that arise be ones which support you in your tasks, awaken forgotten dreams, and may the qualities of your thoughts match the boundlessness of the sky. May there be freedom and perspective as you move through this cycle of the sun, and may the winds of change blow from your life whatever is best to liberate yourself from.

Let the weightlessness of the air free you from burdens that hold you from your dreams, and may the very air you breathe be pure and enlivening, awakening you to the limitlessness of your life’s possibilities. May you feel inspired and refreshed, loved and nurtured with every breath in, and with every breath out, release from your mind all that is no longer in alignment with who you are becoming. Let your wings grow, and strengthen, until you take flight. Let scent, and song and soaring freedom be yours, for these are the domains of the element of air, and these are the blessings that are all about you this day.

Most of all, may you fill yourself with what is good and true and pure, and may your every breath be blessed.

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