A Blessing of Fire

A Blessing to bring passion, motivation, and creative spark to your life, and to the lives of those you touch.

May the blessings of the holy fires be yours. May fire’s burning passion, its quick intensity compel you into moments of action, to make decisions, follow the truths of your heart, and quicken and burn like the flames with the hearth. May you be warmed and sheltered by the glow of these holy fires, and my they spark again and again the motivation we all need to turn the wheel in our lives. May the blessings of the flames that devour the old be yours, and my they burn through the debris of memory, the fallen deadwood of hurt and grudges, and burn through the pain that so many of us feel when recollecting injustices. May it inspire you to move forward with your life, and may it bring down what no longer serves you. May its’ crimson heat take light within your own soul, and breathe to life the flames within you, so that you kindle again and again the sacred inner life, which will warm you when all about you grows cold.

May you have the rising within you from that radiant heart the fire in the head* of the poets of old, the ancient brilliance that will allow dreams to ignite, so that you shine with that inner radiance. May any fear of fire pass from you, and may the only flames you tend be those who serve your best self. Let any former harm in other lives from this element pass away from you now, and let a great spark from the heart of the Universe rekindle your love of warmth, your passion, your intensity and motivation. Let your warm heart be a shelter for others, who come to you, like creatures in the woods come to a camp fire, and may the fires within be a place of creativity, of dancing and dreams, of stories told through the flickers of flames. May you always have that warmth, and its protection, and its ardour, for all the days of your life.

*’Fire in the head’ is an old Celtic expression that describes a state of being illuminated by inspiration. Energy is said to pour from the head, creating a halo all about the head of the inspired one.

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