Blessing Oracle Card Message

Card: Blessing on a Battle that Cannot be Avoided (The Blessed Be Oracle)

Battles in our lives are not always the way we see them depicted. Most of us do not want the battle; we want the peace, and to talk and parlay our way through the differences and difficulties in our lives. Many times, we may walk away, knowing that the battle will bring more damage than we can face. And at other times, we must walk through the fires of confrontation and go into a battle we do not want, but which can no longer be avoided. So, this is a blessing on those who are to face a battle they wished was not theirs to fight, but it has become clear that they have no choice but to confront, to bring out their arms, and to fight.

Whatever the nature and form of the battle before you, accept now this blessing upon you, for your courage. For your reluctance to bring aggression into the world. For your refusal to run. For your determination to see this story through, and for the belief you now have in yourself and whatever cause it is you now stand up for. For your warrior’s heart, which is blessed with courage, and strength, of the feeling of fear, yet the ability to stand your ground. For the swinging of the sword and the raising of the shield. For the quiet in the chaos that you will find, and for the sacrifice you will make, in order to see this through. You are blessed, and your warrior spirit is rising, and it is blessed, for you are no aggressor or foolish conqueror. You are a soul who will no longer run from what stands between you, and the rest of your beautiful life.

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